Preparations: Kaitlyn

As we prepare to leave on our pilgrimage to Arizona and Mexico, I have to remember that things will be very different from home. We will be immersing ourselves in another culture and things that may be acceptable where I live, could be considered offensive where we are going so I have to be aware and sensitive to these differences. I don’t want to come across as ignorant so I will be mindful and retain everything I learn on this pilgrimage. Personally, I sometimes have a hard time retaining information because I lose myself in my own thoughts. But I know how important it is that I take back everything I learn on this pilgrimage and share it with others. I have to be prepared to not only listen, but to speak. I’m not usually comfortable speaking in front of people or sharing things but I will have to come out of my comfort zone in order for me to get the most from this experience. Overall, I am excited to learn about a new culture and hear the different sides of this important immigration issue. I hope to gain a more open-mind and open others’ minds as I share the knowledge I get from this pilgrimage.

-Kaitlyn, St. Chrysostom’s, Quincy and Brockton Covenant, Brockton