Preparations: Helen

As I begin to contemplate how I may broaden my horizons and open my mind in order to absorb each new experience, I ruminate on which predispositions I must abandon. On this pilgrimage, I hope to be able to rid myself of all prejudices and biases surrounding the immigration crisis of Central America. In the Northeast United States, almost all of the news we receive seems distant, and very rarely are we confronted with any firsthand account of the events regarding this crisis. I hope to be able to listen to each side of the story, with a fresh and untainted perspective on each end of the spectrum. With this mentality, I will have the ability to fully immerse in all experiences and stories I will hear on this pilgrimage. Throughout the entire duration of this voyage, I pray to have the ability to absorb, experience, and listen without bias or judgement to either side of the conflict. I hope to develop compassion for both sides and to comprehend either perspective without putting the situation in black and white, but seeing all of the colors and details of both sides of the discussion. I feel as though it is my responsibility to absorb these experiences fully, and bring the knowledge, stories, and experiences to those who don't truly know the full story of this crisis. Please pray for open mindedness, and the immersion of my full body and mind into the unique experiences I will have on this pilgrimage.

-Helen, St. John’s, Hingham