Forms, Permission Slips and Templates

Below are generic templates for you to use.  Feel free to use and adjust any of them for your own youth events and groups! If you have specific questions about safety with youth, please be in touch with Mark

Past Newsletters

See links to past editions of the monthly newsletter from the Office of Youth Ministries, and click here to be added to our mailing list so you can keep up with all the latest news.

Resources for Youthworkers, Youth Leaders and Families
This website, the result of an ongoing partnership between Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Boston's Emmanuel Gospel Center, seeks to serve youth ministers, mentors, and other youth workers at the grass-roots level and hopes to encourage discussion of rather than division over complex and sometimes controversial issues.

Among the resources on the site is a vast "Infopedia" of articles on everything from depression and immigration to sexting and white privilege.  The articles include information on a given topic plus discussion questions and implications for action.  The site also includes links to other regional, national, and international organizations and informational clearinghouses.


New Model Policy for Safeguarding our Children & Young People
In April 2018, a task force of the Episcopal Church released an updated "Model Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth" . The group also wrote a " Model Policy for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults ." This work was launched in 2015 by a resolution of General Convention, and over the next 2 and a half years, experts and practitioners from around the country worked on the update.

Digital Communication and Social Media Guidelines
Published by the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and updated in 2017, this document provides guidance to clergy and congregational leadership in their use of digital/electronic technology and social media.

Working with Youth on the Autism Spectrum 
The Rev. Rebecca Black has developed some training materials through her work with Rhythms of Grace.  Her hope is to help prepare churches to work with youth on the Autism spectrum.  For a sample of the materials available check out at the "Tips for Youth Group Leaders" and "What Churches Can Do".


Rethinking Youth Ministry
A blog/website by two Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) pastors, this is a fantastic progressive look at the not so big-bright-and shiny vision of Youth Ministry that is more inherent in smaller parishes. Written with humor and sensitivity, there are a lot of good things on here.


Youth Specialties
A website designed for predominantly evangelical/ large church Youth Ministers, it hosts a huge amount of information-- some of which will be applicable to Episcopal Churches, and some of which will not be. However, there is some good information out there, especially if you have a large church youth group.


Resources from/for/about the Episcopal Church

TED Talk Lenten Study
This curriculum was developed by the Diocese of Massachusetts Office of Youth Ministry and isn't just for Lent, but instead can be used during any 5-session program in which you want to use engaging TED Talks and Scripture to invite youth (and adults) to wonder about what God is asking from them.  Download HERE.

Episcopal Church Youth Ministry
Information, resources and news about youth from the denomination (formerly known as the 'National Church').

EpiscoYouth Blog-- by Bronwyn Clark Skov, Youth Missioner for the Denomination
A blog (also receivable via Twitter) giving more specifics on opportunities in the Episcopal Church, on the Episcopal Youth Event 2011, and advice and information for Youth Leaders. More for adult leaders of youth than for youth, but there is some great information for wider programs and programming!
Daily devotions set to music, with reflections and questions suitable for youth and adults!

My Faith, My Life
A guide to the Episcopal Church for teens and their families and mentors. Great resources, reflections and information about upcoming workshops-- the basis for the website is the book, My Faith, My Life, which has been used for Confirmation curricula.