What is the Office of Youth Ministry?

This office supports the young people of the Diocese of Massachusetts and the Episcopal Church through formation, fellowship and resource sharing.  Our mission not only extends to Episcopal youth, but also to their mentors, families, congregations and communities.  Our seeking of God in Christ is impossible without the energy and creativity of the young people in our parish families, and our goal is to support those who support and love the young people around them. We believe in the sacred witness of the transforming power of this love, and the hope which surrounds all of our children and youth. 

What Does the Office of Youth Ministry Do?

- View the 2017-2018 Year At A Glance Event Calendar 

- Provides three types of diocesan-wide youth fellowship gatherings:

- Runs the Diocesan Youth Council and Faith in Action: Las Fronteras.

- Publishes the Talking Shop series which provides training and networking for youth ministers, youth group leaders, mentors, and other youth workers. 

- Supports the ministry of the Barbara C. Harris Camp in Greenfield, N.H. every summer developing formal Christian formation pieces.  

- Trains and supports youth workers, and is always available for consultations and to visit parishes in order to support their local ministry.