These Are Our Bodies

These Are Our Bodies  is a new resource available through Church Publishing that helps us all have conversations about our sexuality within a faith community.The book is a theological and practical guide to conversation about the complexities of sexuality in today's world, grounded in the Episcopal tradition. This book includes the role of sexuality in our lives in all its dimensions as well as a practical guide to help inform church educators, clergy, parents, youth workers, or anyone who seeks to broaden their knowledge on this subject.

There is an urgent need across the Church for faithful, honest conversations with young people about sexuality. Finally, we have the sturdy resource we need to hold them. Honoring the inherent tension between the beauty and the complexity of the God-given gift of human sexuality, These Are Our Bodies is written for real people with real lives. It invites parents and church leaders into the serious, hopeful work of integrating body and soul."

––Lisa Kimball, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning, Virginia Theological Seminary

This book also serves as the foundation for the  These Are Our Bodies  educational materials. Teaching materials and curricula are available for elementary students, middle school students, high school students, young adults, and adults.