Confirmation Resources:

My Faith, My Life: A Teen’s Guide to the Episcopal  Church, by Jenifer Gamber  

The Five Marks of Mission and what it means to be a disciple of Christ are a focus of this new version, which also models student-centered learning as opposed to teacher driven instruction. For teen study and confirmation preparation, this book can serve as a curriculum for helping teens discover Scripture, church history, sacraments, the meaning and practice of prayer, and what ministry means in the lives of real teens today. A framework for small-group gatherings for each chapter is included as a new section in the back of the book. To help in teaching, there is a fabulous website,, which contains helps for leaders as well as pages for youth and parents with a special focus on spiritual practices.  A separate revised leader's guide is also available. 

Confirm not Conform (CnC), (youth and adult versions)       

This curriculum for the Episcopal Church discribes itself as “a confirmation program that emphasizes giving youth a choice and a voice and  giving adults a safe space to explore their questions and choices.” The program is divided into 16 lessons covering a variety of topics and also includes plans for field trips and a weekend retreat.  Although teachers are needed for the class, the youth program also includes mentors, parents, and the entire congregation in the faith journey of those seeking confirmation.  Pricing is on a sliding scale based on parish attendance.  Please note that there is a confirmation service included in the program which will need to be adapted for use in a deanery-wide confirmation setting.
I Will, With God’s Help, by Mary Lee Wile

I Will With God’s Help for youth and adults is based on the Baptismal Covenant. It offers meditative, prayerful sessions that invite participants to share their own faith journeys in the light of Episcopal tradition. A leader’s guide, adult journal and youth journal for grades 8-12 are available.  A “mentor’s guide” helps in a program designed for more one-on-one mentoring rather than large classes. The sessions in the Leader's Guide can be completed in a traditional six- to twelve-week program, or adapted to contemporary innovations, such as an intense confirmation retreat or conference. Those using longer two- or three-year preparation programs will also find I Will, With God's Help ideal for immediate preparation for the sacrament. The activities are flexible and can be used for youth, adult, or intergenerational preparation programs. I will, With God's Help encourages ongoing support from the whole parish community and includes creative suggestions for congregational involvement. (Amy Cook says, "My experience is that this curriculum usually works best with older youth, and would need to be adapted for most junior high groups.")

Living Water: Baptism as a Way of Life, by Klara Tammany                       

"A must-have book for every parish priest!" This book is divided into eight sessions around baptism and the baptismal promises with plenty of extra material on how best to use the sessions. “Sessions” are so full of prayers, scripture, readings, and activities that it can be used as reference material only or as the basis for a complete lesson.  Loaded with resources, Living Water can be used in preparation for baptism, confirmation/reception, or reaffirmation of faith (although it is “not intended as a complete program of preparation for confirmation/reception.") Though written initially for adults, with some adaptation the sessions can be used in an intergenerational setting, or with children and/or youth.  Resource lists help link books, movies, and other media and ideas to each of the chapters.  The emphasis is on spiritual formation rather than academic knowledge. An excellent resource!

Confirmation Curriculum for Jr. High Young People, Episcopal Diocese of Alabama, 2005 (An adult curriculum is also available)

The Diocese of Alabama has offered the church a great gift in their FREE confirmation curriculum that they share on their website. These 21 lessons cover the areas of Christian Faith, Episcopal Identity, and Responding to God’s Love. They are well written and easy to use. There is a version for adults as well. 

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Special Note: these resources are provided and updated by Amy Cook, formerly of the Diocese of Massachussetts and now Working Group Head for Faith Formation in the Episcopal Diocese of California.