Preparations: Kieron

As I go on the Las Fronteras trip, I am very excited to be able to go down to the border between Arizona and Mexico to learn more about the people at it and the situation surrounding those people.  However, the things that I will need to at leave behind as we go down to the border are my current opinions of the border.  These opinions may be proven completely false or be very true, but I would like to find my own truth while going down there.  Unfortunately, when looking for the truth, my previous opinions may cloud my mind making the “truth” not actually what is happening at the border.  Thus, I pray that on this mission, I will have a clear mind and allow myself to not jump to conclusions when I have never been there myself.  Through this clear mind mentality, I hope to be able to end up giving an unbiased report of what the border is like and find my won inner peace with what is happening there.  One challenge for me during the trip will be speaking Spanish with people around me at the border.  I know some Spanish, but I will probably make a fool out of myself trying to say more than I know, or starting a conversation where I end up needing to know more than I actually know.  Therefore, I hope that I will be able to speak well when we are on the border.  Overall, going on the trip is a great experience that I cannot wait for!

-Kieron, St. John’s, Saugus