Final Reflections: Emily

In leaving from the mission trip to Arizona and Mexico with YLA, I am taking back with me confirmation that undocumented migrants are still genuine human beings who deserve love and listening. I discovered this confirmation in talking to and feeding the migrants. Hearing their stories- where the people told me they had families at home worrying about them, they wanted to be better people, or that they had not slept in a long time- really inspired me to want to help. Especially stories where migrants were leaving their homes because of violence moved me, since I cannot imagine it. The looks of thanks I got while passing plates to the people of the Kino Border Initiaitve comeador showed me that these people are not the aliens some media make them to be. To spread the message that these migrants are caring humans who deserve our help, I will have conversations with people at my church. Specifically, I will talk to other youth or adults at my church who show that they have a differing opinion of the migrants. I will also make the habit of starting these conversations with friends, family, and whomever I come across about this very recent problem. With the people in my community starting conversation and working together, we will bring justice to the migrants.

- Emily, St. Paul's, Lynnfield