Preparations: Libby

God has blessed me with the wonderful gift of talking. However, while I am in Arizona and Mexico, I am going to have to try to leave my chitter chatter behind and tap into another gift that God has given me: listening. My job on this trip is to listen to the stories of the people I will be meeting. It will be different for me to be on the other side of the conversation but it might be a breath of fresh air for the person on the other side doing the talking, sharing, and storytelling. I think it will also give me a breath of fresh air to hear what the people have to say. I have a feeling we’ll be talking more with adults who will be more experienced with many more things than I, and therefore, have a lot more to say than I. Because of that, I am very excited to turn off my voice and turn on my ears. I am eager to hear what they have experienced and bet they will be excited to have such a focused audience, me, to tell their stories and share their experiences with. I do hope they will share because I am very willing to come forward and look them in the eye and incline my ear to them ready to go on a new adventure with them through their magnificent and wonderful stories. I am excited to embark on this journey bringing with me my blessed gift from God: listening.

- Libby, Trinity Church, Concord