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"Talking Shop" offers information on resources of particular use to youth ministers, mentors, and other youthworkers.  Do you have a great idea to share? Maybe a new find or longtime favorite go-to resource? Contact us.


Can Schools Discipline Students for Protesting? And might if affect my college acceptance?

Students around the country are "taking it to the streets" in an inspiring and exemplary push for legislative change. But what are the risks?  Can schools discipline students for speaking out. The short answer? It depends on when, where, and how the students decide to express themselves.  See this article from the ACLU for more.

Similarly, high school seniors are wondering, will I jeopordize my college acceptnce if I participate in a peaceful protest?  That will depend on the college, of course, but the National Association for College Admissions (NACAC) has collected information from member colleges and universities that outlines their practices around how disciplinary actions related to activism will be factored into the admission process.             


10 Ways Well-Meaning White Teachers Bring Racism Into Our Schools [and Churches!]

Originally written for classroom teachers, this important article addresses an issue that is just as important for youth workers, youth ministers, Christian educators, and others working with young people in church.


Open Sanctuary: What Youth Leaders and Young People Can do for Immigrant Families

People around the diocese are thinking about how to make their parishes into safe sanctuaries, especially for those families and individuals who are being targeted by homeland security. This list of resources for youth leaders and youth groups can help you think about what your parish can do to help this effort:


Thinking About Youth on Vestry

Being a vestry member means leading in a community of faith. It means committing yourself to stewardship. It means speaking and acting from your own experience for the benefit of others.


Thinking About Programs

Are you thinking about adding new structure to your church youth program this fall? Whether you are creating something new, or fine-tuning well-established programming, here are some thoughts to help steer your planning, adapted from resources offered by Elizabeth Barker Ring, a consultant for formation and leadership in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine.


Video Discussion Starter: Youth Voice and Engagement in the Church

Two interviews from a recent General Convention are great tools to start a dialogue within your church--among your young people and between youth and adults--about the extent to which young people and their full involvement may be encouraged and discouraged in your parish.


Faithfully Facebook: A Lesson Plan and Social Strategy for Youth Ministries

Facebook is and will be for a while, the dominant social network in Youth Ministry. It can be a great tool to communicate with teenagers and to collaborate on teams.  However, with anything there can also be pitfalls.  We have seen rampant hacking of Facebook accounts, cyberbullying through Facebook, and many people who posted something that they intended to be seen by only a few people.  


Youth in Mission: Trip-Planning Manual

Launched in 2014, this terrific on-line resource is a joint project of the Episcopal Church Office of Youth Ministry and the Inspiring Mission.  The guide contains all the background information you need to get started planning your next mission experience.